Taking My First Step

For the past few months, I have been locked up in so many conversations about the idea of starting a blog. I can remember since my early days in campus singing about how I would want to start a blog but to be honest the commitment part is where the problem always lay.

So, after shrugging it for too long I remember coming across Robin Sharma’s 73 Best Business and Success Lessons and number 2 was my much needed sucker punch. “Knowing what to do and not doing it is the same as not knowing what to do.” At that point I was sure that it was just about time I picked up on something I had known for a very long time I needed to do……..Start a blog.

What I thought would be a one, two, three kind of thing turned out to be an overwhelming process with so many doubts and uncertainties on what exactly I was embarking on and my clear intentions for doing it. However, I cannot change this experience for anything. It has taught me a lot about the importance of taking that first step. It’s very crucial since ideas unless executed remain just that…ideas.

I am glad I have taken the first step of many. Thank you so much for taking time to read and I hope that with time we can interact more.





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  1. Mike

    Amazing step ….Your were meant to rocket in the writing field
    Fun number one…waiting to read more staff..#GeniusGirl#

  2. Post
    1. Judy

      Shucks!Remember the long conversations and questions about this? Eventually they bore fruit. I’m so blessed to have a great and tolerant friend like you.

    1. Judy

      You’ve got no idea what your support means. Yesterday I had to call my mom to tell her about my friend called Fred who was the first person to share my post Lol. It meant and still means so much to me. Asante sana.

  3. Racharl Nyambura

    Well done Judy!
    I live to see the plans you told us over and over come to reality! Whatsoever the mind can conceive it can achieve~Napoleon Hill
    May God guide you in your blogging journey. May you be an instrument of peace, justice and you may always provoke progressive and insightful thoughts in your readers.

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