Rekindling The Fire

“You never quite know with these millennials. They imagine that the world will always bend to their whims, that the universe owes them shit and by God, they will get it. That, by  narrow extension, is the folly of modern youth, this complete faith in the world’s ability to align towards them, not the other way round.” wrote Bikozulu in The Iron Curtain.

Reading that post was illuminating yet depressing because to a greater extent it was talking about me. Starting something assuming it’ll be easy and once I encounter the first roadblock or what starts proving to be a Kilimanjaro kind of climb, I turn back very fast.

started this blog with so much faith. I knew that I was getting myself into uncharted waters and in fact had been warned by friends who had been there before that it would be a steep climb which requires so much consistency and discipline in posting before you can get even one faithful reader beside yourself. That didn’t kill my vibe. I was so excited and for the first couple of months, I used to put in so many hours making sure I religiously post at least twice a week .

Slowly but steadily the footing became more stable and the views started building up.

Then I got busier. I don’t know whether it was busier for real or just an illusion. I still opened my blog once in a while but the ritual slowly started slipping away and before I knew it, I had gone almost three months without posting anything.

The bad news for those of us who know that we’re supposed to be writing is that it requires so much input and does not afford us the luxury of procrastination.

People started asking me why I no longer blogged as frequently as I used to and I spent so much time trying to explain how I didn’t have the time.

In my life and not just with this blog, I’ve had many moments when I’ve been in that place of unknowing. Moments when I’ve been sure about some things and unsure about others. Moments when I’ve felt so brave and others extremely fearful. I have seen the path that I’ve set out so clearly, and sometimes felt uncertain of which path to take or confused about why I took the path I took in the first place.

I’ve learned that during the unknowing or uncertain moments, it’s okay to press the pause button and seek answers from within, pray, read or consult a friend. And after that, I can then direct all my energy to what I am certain about.

But the truth is that you can never be too certain about how something you set out to do will turn out. The other truth is that the only way to find out is to dive in. Sometimes, it’ll turn out well. Sometimes you’ll be disappointed. But despite the outcome, more often than not, the process is energizing and will leave you a much better person.

William G.T.Shedd put it best when he said, “A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for.

So put your doubts aside and start listening to your hopes. Wriggle your way over to the nearest desk. Remind yourself what you once started with so much faith and then lost heart along the way. Take your pen firmly and write that vision making it plain and clear. Rekindle the fire.


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