Nothing Like a Mother’s Love

Mother. What other brand in this world can compare to this one?

Which words can be used to best describe this woman?

So, I’ve been decluttering my bedroom day by day after noticing the amount of unnecessary stuff that surrounds me.

Last night, I came across so many pictures of my younger self and I’m now on a mission of getting myself a photo scanner to ensure I have all these memories backed up somewhere safe. Of course, my house isn’t. It’s exposed to too many hazards that I don’t want to delve into but you get the point.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I found this letter from my Mom and I thought I should share it.


She sent this to me on 11th October, 2009 which was just a few days before I sat for my K.C.S.E. I still remember where I was seated in class when I received this letter as it was inside the success card that she sent me together with 500 bob. Lol!

I had to leave the class to go to the washroom and sob.

And last night was no different. And even now as I write this I’m having to wipe off a tear every now and then.

“Remember, if all girls were lined up and I hear you cough, even in darkness, I’ll come for only you are my best model”

I read this line over 20 times. The only thought that kept cropping up in my mind was the unconditional love and unshakeable faith that must have been in this woman’s belly as she scripted this.

The faith that her child would fly and go to places that she would have never imagined for herself.

Then I seriously thought about this woman who I’m so blessed to call my mother.

Not only did she carry me for nine good months, she has also been pulling the strings behind the scenes to ensure that what takes place on stage is a beautiful story.

No one can compare to a Mother.

They will love you when an entire world is against you.

They will believe in who when no one else does.

They commit themselves to this lifelong and sometimes thankless job.

The tears, sacrifice and endurance it takes is unparalleled.

Today is not Mother’s Day. But we do not have to wait for the day because anyway, no amounts of gifts or flowers we stock up for the day can repay them.

We can challenge ourselves to commit to honoring our mothers or mother figures every day in our own small ways.

So as I sob over my mother’s letter to me about 8 years ago, I want to give a shout out to all the extraordinary and caring mothers.

Nobody holds it up the way you do. And because of that, I believe every day should be Mother’s Day!

Thank you, Mothers. More power to you all! ??


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